This application displays clusters of census tracts (2012 data) which exhibit statistically significant levels of mixing using entropy values.

--- Please allow a minute for the app to load after first opening. It's a lot of data!
-1- Begin by selecting a dimension of mixing using the radio buttons to the right.
-- Groups of tracts are shown which stand out for their high levels of mixing (High-High Clusters), low levels of mixing (Low-Low Clusters), or by being significantly more or less mixed than neighboring tracts (High-Low or Low-High Outliers, respectively).
-- See the full report here for details.

This application displays values of mixing (2012 data) and other socioeconomic conditions (year 2000).

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by the Metropolitan Futures Initiative at UC-Irvine (2016). Webmap by Kevin Kane, PhD and UCI Data Science Initiative

Data Notes:

-- Please be patient while map loads - it's a lot of data!
-- Data are presented in census tracts (2010 boundaries).
-- Legend splits tracts by quartiles (i.e. 25% of tracts in each color bin).
-- Mixing values are entropy values. See the full report here for details.
-- See 'Mixing Clusters' tab for a description of mixing types.