Welcome to the Shiny Server of UCI Data Science Initiative.

Shiny is a web-based platform for easily building interactive R apps. Shiny is especially good for the presentation and visualize of data. The Shiny Server is provided for the use of UCI students and faculty to present and promote their research and projects.

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Simply upload your app to Github and enter the information as required below.

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Server resources are limited. Apps and required data should be limited to 50 MB. Larger apps are likely to have poor performance when hosted on the server. After submission, your app should be immediately available at shiny.datascience.uci.edu/*username/reponame*. Any changes to the app can be made by updating the GitHub source; the previous version of the app will be automatically overwritten. If you encounter any issues, please contact a DSI Shiny support member for help with ensuring your app will work on the server.