Robust-ITS Modeling and Inference for Interrupted Time Series Data

1. Data Description

**Data must be in a *.csv file, contain only three columns (date, micro system, and outcome of interest), be collected monthly, and inlcude at most 12 micro systems (units, clusters, organizations, etc.). Each outcome must be entered in a separate *.csv file containing information for at most 12 units, and individually analyzed; i.e., upload one outcome *.csv file, run the analysis, save results, and then upload the next outcome *.csv file.
If there are more than 12 units of interest and/or more than one outcome, separate the data into files with no more than 12 units and one outcome. An example of the data structure accepted is provided in the manual.
The manual can be downloaded at: Robust-ITS Manual

2. Statistical Model for Interrupted Time Series Data



3. Inferences

Change in Slope

Change in Level

Change in AR Coefficient

Change in Noise Variance

4. Export Results